Descrizione evento

Webinar title: "Imaging of cardiovascular Inflammation at the era of Pandemic"

Webinar Organizer: Iacopo Carbone

Scientific Directors: Iacopo Carbone, Marco Francone

July 2nd, 2020

Description of the webinar:

Our webinar program encompasses the whole spectrum of inflammatory heart disease from the endocardium to the pericardium and extends the focus to vasculitis, which are often connected to COVID-19 infection. 

A special attention will be given  to inflammatory and pro-thrombotic manifestations associated with COVID-19, from myocarditis, STEMI and MINOCA, to pulmonary embolism. 

There will be a dedicated lecture on how to re-organize the CT and MR imaging services during (and following) pandemic. 

A final lecture focusing on the recently published ACC/ESC guidelines on the role of CMR in the COVID pandemic will conclude  the webinar. 

During the lectures several cases will be shown to webinar attendees. The faculty is composed of worldwide experts and leaders in the field of cardiovascular imaging.  

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the webinar the attendees will be able to: 

1) Recognize and discuss the major and minor imaging findings of endocardial, myocardial, pericardial inflammation and vasculitis.

2) Identify the possible imaging presentations of  COVID-19 related myocarditis. 

3) To organize services in the CT and MR units during a pandemic.

4) To review recently published ACC/ESC guidelines on the role of CMR in the COVID pandemic.